• Endgame disaster for defeated US Rockefeller Illuminati faction

    Endgame disaster for defeated US Rockefeller Illuminati faction.

    Monday, January 25, 2010
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    Endgame disaster for defeated US Rockefeller Illuminati faction. Rats fighting in the sack. Rats dying. Benjamin Fulford discusses the toppling of the US syndicate with David Wilcock (83 minute mp3 audio blog - 29Mb).

    The Obama Executive Order 12425 of 17th December 2010 (text here) extended diplomatic immunity to Interpol so that they could come into the US and start arresting Rockefeller faction minions on multiple charges relating to US-based panglobal economic terrorism. USAF Space Command (regular users of covert stargate technology) anticipates collapse of Rockefeller nexus and wants nothing to do with them. Rockefeller collapse brings public UFO/ET disclosures closer. Japanese Emperor signed secret treaty with US Rockefeller faction. Mafia and various Asian underworld elements of organised crime have now broken with the Rockefeller faction, which has thus lost its tame street-level enforcers. Rockefeller faction has also lost control of the Western oil/financial system. Anti-Rockefeller UK MI6 group is now calling the shots in the US. In October 2009, following a Fulford-brokered $2.13 trillion release of bond funds from the Bank of Tokyo Mitsubishi UFJ in Japan, money which was specifically designated for benevolent new technology projects, Elizabeth Windsor (Queen Elizabeth II of England) duplicitously switched the funds to the US Bush syndicate. One consequence of this was a furious release of inside information concerning all sorts of Windsor royal family dirty linen about which the Queen was being blackmailed by US and other operatives. Included in the ongoing blackmail were accurately-sourced stories about the murder of Princess Diana in Paris in 1997, the regular Black Magic human sacrifice rituals held twice a year at Balmoral Castle (Aberdeenshire, Scotland, UK), a Windsor family secret deal with the Nazis during World War II, and the fact that Adolph Hitler was Queen Elizabeth II's uncle. Separate from all this, the US Rockefeller faction is said to have been involved in advanced planning for a fake alien invasion using USAF Space Command stargate technology and spacecraft, to act as theatrical media cover for genocide in the US and elsewhere. Fulford-Wilcock interview background and full transcript here (22.01.10).

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